Young people finished celebrating Shrovetide

The activists of youth motion of combine conducted a winter and met a spring in the best agrofarmstead of the Zaporozhye edge, Petropol located in a village.

Workers of shop № 10 is a locksmith repairer Alexander Juja, locksmith Taras Bulba, cleaner of shopfloors Anna Visotskaja, polisher Elena Rocheva, master of shop №2 Vadim Bogush and depchief of service of organization of feed Nadejda Fedorova to a full degree able to feel on itself the ancient ceremony of celebration of Shrovetide.

In the journey of guys waited master classes on cookery and wickerwork of straw, excursion on agro to the farmstead, pin zoo, songs, dances, competitions, tea-drinking at a fire, traditional incineration of scare-crow and round dance with singing.

- Journey very pleased her both cognitive and entertaining part! I call all young people of combine to occupy in life only active position, and to Advice of young people and administration separate thank you for an unforgettable journey! - Anna Visotskaja shares the impressions.

This journey was organized by Advice of young people as encouragement of the most active participants of youth motion. In events such can take part any young worker, repeatedly proving during a year in the competitions of professional mastery, conferences and other events of combine. Mainly is this desire that brings an useful result and it will always be marked!