Competed To The Men

In the sport hall of combine first championship of ZTMC passed on a power all-round among women.

In competitions six charming girls took part is a distributor of works of shop №7 Anna Коlesnik, engineer laboratory assistant of shop №20 Tatjana Duplina, inspector of department of technical control Yulia Коrotchenko, leading economist of technical management Marina Каvetskaja, specialist of department of management of quality and standardization Svetlana Тkachenko, economist of Center informatively calculable and programmatic providing of Julija Zerina.

In the program of all-round such norms as squat with a twentykilogram barbell, getting up of feet in suspension, quetching from sex and exercise were plugged "slat". Yulia Коrotchenko showed the best results on all norms and became the happy possessor of the first place. For Marina Каvetskaja is the second result on the amount of squat and exercise "slat", and also third - on the amount of quenching in support lying. Marina occupies the second place. And for the possessor of bronze reward of all-round Svetlana Tkachenko is the second line of rating in a norm on getting up of feet in suspension, third - on the amount of squat and in exercise "slat". These participants are marked medals and deeds.

The sport club of combine congratulates victresses and thanks other girls for participating in competitions. Among them we will especially distinguish such sportswomen as Anna Коlesnik (29 getting up of feet in suspension and 35 quetching), and also Yulia Zerina (a 26 getting up of feet is suspension, withholding of body in exercise "slat" during 180-th seconds). And let these girls in a general test not get prize places, they were very near to it!

That you became the same strong and enduring, we invite you on employments in the trainer hall of combine.