The Competitions Of XVII Of Sports And Athletics Meeting Of Combine Started

Sport 2017 a year for the employees of our combine was begun with intellectual games: in the Zaporozhye municipal chess club "Thinking" in the test of XVII of Sports and athletics meeting of combine competitions passed on checkers and chess.

Championship on checkers was conducted according to round robin, duration of every turn limited by twenty minutes. In spite of it would seem short duels, employees may need quite a bit time, in a tense fight to extract status of command of grand masters.

The results of competitions were determined on the sum of command glasses for matches. So, a winner wrote down two points in the account, at the drawn result every player got on one point, a loser, accordingly, did not earn a not single point.

Games of our players were very interesting and keen. Miscalculation of motions in advance, sly combinations allowed to distinguish three of leaders. As well as in a past year, gold rewards were driven away with itself by the sportsmen of shop №2 is master Valentin Коmarov and worker of furnace Sergey Оlejnik. The second place was conquered by the players of shop №7, walking up one line higher as compared to a last year's result.

Sport silver was obtained by joint efforts locksmith on measuring check meter and automation of Raisa Porohnja, machinist of compressor options Evgeniy Napiralskij and locksmith-repairer Alexander Коsenko. And on the third place the command of shop №10 appeared, in the complement of that entered heat-treater Grigoriy Dzuba, and also engineers-technologists Oleg Кuzmin and Tatjana Didik.

In the same month workers competed in a chess. Maximal duration of every turn made 50 minutes, and the duels of this type of sport delayed on two days. Glasses for matches were distributed on the same system, what in checkers. On results games the third place in chess championship is retained by the command of shop №20 in composition the panmen of Sergey Smolarov and Svetlana Dolgovaja, gas safety service Andrey Savenko. Second place for the sportsmen of shop №7 - engineer on to training of personnels of Elena Shetela, the locksmith of repairer Alexander Kosenko and machinist of compressor options Vladimir Ugni. And the rank of grand masters and laurels of absolute championship was extracted by the workers of shop №12 is master Marina Shirshova, electricians Denis Serba and Andrey Litvinenkо.

Sport club of combine congratulates winners, prizewinners and thanks other commands for participating in competitions. Separate gratitude administration and trade-committee of ZTMC the allied to the director of chess club to Sergey Smolinu, and also main arbiter - judge of international category of Aleksej Azarov for the high level of organization of event and objective work.