March On a Combine Was Met By Star Shower Of Talents

With the oncoming of spring gradually go away to the past of cold, on trees, the first leaves and grasses appear earth. All nature renovates, as breathing in us new life. And in these days it is so desirable to be shared out with by colleagues by the creative achievements!

For this reason for the gifted workers of combine, not indifferent to the art, on ZTMC at the beginning of March a number of events is conducted. Already seventh year in succession the artists of our combine participate in competition of artistic independent action. Masters of folk work are annually partaken with other employees by the creative achievements on the exhibition organized in the hall of management of combine. These events pass within the framework of competition of amateur art of workers of "ZTMC" Ltd.

In a present year 23 workers of combine shared the vocal, dancing, musical numbers. The main theme of their most performances was character of girl, woman. And unby chance, in fact concert what does it seem "About in spring"? passed in eve the International woman day of March, 8!

The first deputy of director ZTMC Alexandr Pavlov opened this bright event. On behalf of leader of combine Vladimir Sivak and itself personally he compliment all women going to the hall, and also those that now are on workplaces. Alexander Victorovich wished to the audience of pleasure from a concert, and to the artists - creative inspiration and maximal self-realization on the stage.

This year the holiday of spring and beauty of woman was met on the special. The point is that besides the performances of artists, to the men - an audience got possibility to make congratulation for the workwomen of combine with a coming holiday in verses or prose, mainly, that it was from the soul. And upon completion of concert an audience defined the best the applauses, that anchorwomen rewarded small memorable souvenirs.

Employees made happy the colleagues by execution of poems, chastushkas, popular and folk songs, playing the musical instruments - piano, pan-pipe, lip accordion, guitars and bandura. An unforgettable colour was added to the event by the performance of brass band of 9th regiment of the operative setting of the Ukrainian National Guard.

The best vocalists were determined in musical direction. It is always popular for our artists, therefore a competition between them was large enough : a judge was to choose the best numbers from those, that presented master of shop №11 Sergey Naboka, guard of security service Inna Glova, economist of shop №16 Anna Leonova, laboratory assistant of shop №17 Natalia Sinko, sorter of shop №7 Oksana Kurskih, the nurse practitioner of sanatorium of preventive clinic Valentina Chirva. In this nomination also creative duets showed the talents: economist of Center information-calculating and software Viktorija Fedorova came forward together with the leading engineer of human department of resources and training of personnels Aleksej Pirojenko, and an editor is responsible to the release of newspaper and radio of newspaper Natalia Zvorigina presented to public the Ukrainian folk song under accompaniment of bandura that her daughter Alexandra played. Living music of pan-pipe and accordion became the sparkle of concert from a locksmith on measuring check meter and automation of shop №2 Nikolay Ushkevich, and also piano in execution the wife of smelter of shop №2 Vitaly Beskorovaeva -Catherine. This girl wrote not only a song but also music to the words. Whole five artists this year declared oneself in the genre of guitar lyric poetry, therefore for them the special nomination was distinguished. Helper of director Evgeniy Semechaevskij, locksmith on measuring check meter and automation of shop №14 Roman Shokarev, guard of security service Evgeniy Sobko, leading economist of department of planning and budgeting Aleksej Vojtenko, sorter of shop №7 Alexandr Chuguev presented wonderful compositions to the women.

The artists of original genre, among that there were coresspondent of redaction of newspaper and radiopaper Kiril Belij, panman of shop №20 Sergey Smolarov, operator of boiler room of shop №12 Tatjana Raznosilina, electrician of shop №7 Alexandr Romashov, came forward. By dancing numbers under modern songs surprised public electrician of security service Nikolay Zajsev and his partner Darya Kisil, smelter of shop № 2 Evgenij Мakeev, cleaner of shop №10 Anna Visotskaja with a partner on dance by Mikhail Теreshenko.

And time of rewarding of participants came on results their performances on the selection stage of competition. On the stage for announcement of winners jurymen went out is a chairman of trade-union committee of combine Ludmila Logvinova and deputy of director (on a management by a personnel and to social development) Ludmila Vasilega. The ceremony of rewarding the deeds of ZTMC was conducted by Alexandr Pavlov.

On results the competition of artistic independent action the third place was divided against each other Alexandr Chuguev, Viktorija Fedorova and Tatjana Raznosilina, second - Aleksej Vojtenko, Evgeniy Sobko, Anna Leonova, Valentina Chirva, Alexandr Romashov and Kiril Belij. And the first places conquer Evgeniy Semechaevskij, Roman Shokarev, Catherine Beskorovaeva and Sergey Smolarov. By the titanic tenor of combine, without doubts, was confessed Sergey Naboka, and awarded Grand Prix of judge to Inna Glove. Other participants became the laureates of competition.

There are not anchorwomen without pleasant surprises is master of shop №12 Yegor Burja and depchief of service of organization of feed Nadejda Fedorova, sound producer, is an electrician of shop №7 Grigoriy Gurtovoj, artist and helper, in organization of competition is a leading engineer of human department of resources and training of personnels Aleksej Pirojenko, and also guests of concert of employees are an orchestra of 9th regiment of National Guard. They were rewarded by deeds for participation.