Holiday Of Talents And Beauty

With the oncoming of spring, with the first warm rays of a sun our girls and women blossom again. Therefore time of holding competition "Miss of ZTMC - 2017" administration and trade-union committee chose not by chance.

In a present year for this high title in recreation Centre "Zavodskij" six workwomen of our enterprise fought: sorter of shop №7 Claudia Snitko, storekeeper of shop №10 Ella Dolgova, power engineering engineer-specialist of shop №11 Catherina Bortnik, waiter of service of organization of feed of Evgenija Nosova, economist of department of planning and budgeting Victoria Burja, engineer on the technical supervision of bureau of technical maintenance of building and building of Valentina Dragomeretskaja.

Anchorwomen presented our girls to the fans, told about their interests, dreams and vital values. And time of the first competition during that our participants on complete showed the gracefulness - "General choreography" came at once. All six girls showed to the audience general dancing composition in sport style. And with the task they managed primely!

During a competition "Defile" participants appeared before an audience in unexpectedly beautiful, womanlike characters of the ancient Greek goddesses. Refined motions on the stage, bright original suits added paints to the performance of our girls. They made a deserving competition to characters of beauty of Athena, Artemis, Gestii, Persephone and other woman deities of the ancient Greek pantheon that was uplift honours before. And it is a true: our beautiful and decisive girls - not only remarkable workwomen, colleagues, friends, but also keepers of fireside as wives and mothers.

And then the turn of competitions "Dialogue about main" and "Star instant" came, during that the participants of competition answered the questions of anchorwomen, and also showed dancing composition musically. Freshness of ideas and careful working was felt in every number - both from the side of participant of competition and dancing collectives of Recreation Centre "Zavodskij". Girls well played the roles and showed six remarkable musical clips to public. The end of every performance was accompanied by applauses of hall.

To the jurymen chaired by the director of combine Vladimir Sivak it was uneasily to define the best from the best. Nevertheless, leader ZTMC together with an author and leading telecast of "Respect TV" by Natalia Sivak, deputy of director (on a management by a personnel and to social development) by Ludmila Vasilega, chairman of trade-union committee by Ludmila Logvinova and director "Zavodskij" Аlla Kremez did the heavy choice. And it really so, because every girl aspired to the high title.

After announcement of final points anchorwomen began the ceremony of rewarding. The title of "Miss Graсe" conquered Valentina Dragomeretskaja, Miss Artistry the last year Victoria Burja extracted in present another title is "Miss Charm", and Miss by Artistry - 2017 confessed Catherina Bortnik. The friendly command of fans came to support to Evgenija Nosova, and she extracted the title of "Miss of the Audience liking". And then main intrigue of evening came, in fact pretenders that in this minute were nearer than all to the cherished title appeared on the stage. Judging on voices of fans, forces these girls had equal. And on their shoulders after the words of Vladimir and Natalia Sivak laid ribbons... a Vice-miss became Ella Dolgova, and Claudia Snitko, that got a right to defend honour of combine on a competition "Miss Zavodchanka" this year, appeared the real sparkle of competition. Diadem of Miss ZTMC - for her! Flowers, prizes and valuable gifts, handed to every girl, and rewarding a Vice-miss and Miss of ZTMC the director of combine conducted personally.

The second competition "Miss of ZTMC" left after itself only the pleasant impressions. Administration and trade-union committee of combine thanks the stage-directors of producers and choreographers of Recreation Centre "Plant" for good preparation of our participants to the event, girls tell warm words to the fans for support, and an audience is thankful to them for the pleasant emotions presented during performances.

On April, holding competition "Miss Zavodchanka - 2017" is pre-arranged.