The Second Family Sport Festival at ZTMC

The second Family Sport Festival took place on the 14th of January in the Palace of Sport ZAS. The Festival has been arranged with the assistance of the Management and the Trade-Union of the Combine. Nine family teems from various workshops and subdivisions of our Enterprise took part in the event.

The competitions were lively and diverse: Decorate the Christmas Tree, On Pieces of Ice, Hockey Players, Snowball Fight, Penguins, Snowmen, Sledge, Felt Boots, Help a Bear to Gather Pine Cones, Hamsters.

The workers of the Combine and their children demonstrated their dexterity, quickness, and skill to the full extent. For instance, they had to run certain distance, decorate the Christmas tree, and return in a matter of seconds; or to carry a tennis ball on a bat while rushing to the finish in felt boots and working mittens. Each participant sought to become the leader in the competitions.

The masters of the event – Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, as well as the participants of the competitions left no chance for the spectators to be bored. During the break the teams were drawn into a merry quiz game. Besides, the organizers decided not to repeat the competitions from the previous Sport Festival. Also this was the New Years` day according to the old style (Julian calendar), and all the contests were adapted to the winter theme.

When the time came to sum up the results, the Jury consisting of General Manager Vladimir Sivak, Trade-Union Committee Chairperson Lyudmila Logvinova, Chief Engineer Vladimir Korolkov, Deputy General Manager for Economics and Finances Alim Agakishiev, and Chief Mechanic Oleg Lazakovich decided the winner. Each team, though, may be qualified as the best, and each family received a prize. All the teams received diplomas of SE ZTMC and presents, and the valuable prizes – household appliances – went to the best of the best. The Sokur family consisting of Vladimir, Svetlana, and their daughter Ekaterina (Workshop 11) became the absolute winner having taken the first place in the sporting contest. The second place is won by the Workshop 10 team –Kirill, Natalya, and the son Danil Chuprin family; and the third place went to the family of Roman, Oksana, and their son Vladislav Ilchenko (Design Department).

We congratulate the winners and all the other participants, including the supporters! Everybody had great fun at the Festival!

It is very pleasant that this time much more people came to support their teams. By the way, the number of participants gathered by the events that our Combine arrange is constantly increasing lately. Workshop 7 had a numerous support group. And it is wonderful that workers of the Combine spend their leisure-time together. We have a hope that such sporting festivals will be held in the future, continually gaining in scope. Because they form the workers of the Combine into one body uniting it into a big family!