On ZTMC Passed the Second Review Competition of Amateur Performances of Employees Combine

The second factory competition of amateur performances passed on the eve of a light spring holiday is international Women’s Day also collected the real notice. To support the colleagues is amateur actors representatives of all shops and structural divisions came.

In honor of women of combine songs and verses sounded to them visited the choreographic compositions. Participants of the competitive Program in the creative performances glorified the woman. A wide variety of types of theatrics became distinctive feature of competition of amateur performances.

The chief of Bureau of Regulation of a Property and the Property Relations of Legal Department of Valeriya Himich, the Workshop №11 Cleaner Lyudmila Dyachek, the Economist on Planning of Department of Economic and Financial Planning Alexey Voitenko the Cook of Workshop of a food Anna Yermolaeva, Electric and Gas Welder of shop №7 Valeriy Olifir, the Master of Workshop №11 Segey Naboka, the Correspondent of Newspaper Editorial Office “Vestnik of Combine” Kirill Beliy. The Warehouse Supervisor of finished goods Sergey Kalinin, the Younger Nurse of Sanatorium Dispensary Valentina Chirva, the Mechanic of Workshop №14 Roman Shokarev, Workers Planting of Greenery of Workshop №19 Irina Tryukhalo, Electric Welder of Workshop №10 Rostislav Spitsky, the Electrical Engineer of Workshop №2 Vladimir Grigoriev, Furnance Worker of Workshop №7 Andrey Prilipko, the Bureaucrat of Workshop №2 Alexey Safonov, studying the first course of the highest industrial and polytechnical school №23, Future representative of an amicable labor family of workers Sergey Solovyew, the Controller of Quality Department Marina Landa and the Storekeeper of Plant Management Maria Gladchenko as a part of the show ballet “Compromise” on a scene proved as the real actors.

The public of each contestant presented with an applause. To define the best performers it appeared a difficult task. On jury led by the Head of Combine Vladimir Sivak, it was made responsible not only to call the best and to award them the deserved monetary awards and to define those performers who will defend honor of our collective at competition of amateur performances of the enterprises of titanic branch of Ukraine, which will take place in the summer in the Crimea.

As a result of intense debate judges came to a consensus and the best actors of Combine called: Sergey Solovyev (the first place), Valeria Himich (the second place), and Alexey Voitenko (the third place).
We congratulate winners and all participants for active participation in review competition of amateur performances; we wish inspiration and further creative successes.