The Combine Successfully Passed Quality Management system Recertification

At the beginning of March the Combine was visited by representatives of the international certification company of Bureau Veritas certification.

The purpose of the visit of guests to pass recertification audit of Quality Management system of ZTMC according to the International standard of ISO 9001:2008 we will remind that this system provides realization of policy of the top management of Combine in the field of quality. It is directed to continuous increase of satisfaction of the consumer, suppliers, employees, society on the basis of planning, realization, analysis and improvement of set of processes which enter into it.

Auditors carried out work in all divisions of Combine, responsible for observance of requirements of Quality Management system (GMS) they checked correctness of maintaining documentation, supervised algorithm of performance of various processes. Representatives of the company assessed results of work of specialists of Combine and confirmed compliance of the Quality Management system, introduced ZTMC, to the high standards of ISO 9001:2008. A new certificate of Quality Management, which will act till 2015, it is given out industrial complex.

Specialists of Bureau Veritas characterized GMS on ZTMC as innovative. And as a result of its application the concrete practical positive result in view.

The next recertification is planned in 2015. As experiment shows, every year the Quality Management system at Combine is improved according to standard requirements ISO 9001. A not unimportant thing is contribution to increase of a role of GMS at the enterprise does Combine youth with her fresh ideas and non-standard decisions.

They recommended to specialists of Combine not to stop on reached and to build integrated GMS in which it is necessary to include subsystems of a labor safety of preservation of the environment and a number of others.