Ecological Safety of ZTMC was Confirmed by an Award of the International Ecological Forum

At the international ecological forum “An environment for Ukraine” taken place in Kiev, the Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium works which became the active participant of action was awarded a high award noted by the diploma of the Cabinet of Ukraine for outstanding achievements in environmental protection.

Difference of the International Ecological forum well-deserved reward of all labor staff of our enterprise. After all thanks to joint efforts of all employees of Combine the destiny of ZTMC in total amount of harmful emissions in environment from the industrial enterprises of Zaporozhye doesn’t exceed 1 %. Each employees of Combine precisely observing production schedules on the entrusted site of production doing the contribution to modernization of productions showing the careful attitude to environment makes a concrete contribution to ecological safety of Combine.

Transformations major maintenance of the equipment carried out at our enterprise development of projects of its complex modernization and transfer to advanced technologies are conducted in parallel with reconstruction and modernization of nature protection objects. So permission to emissions of polluting substances in the atmosphere for Combine provided performance of actions for achievement of standards (in particular in 2011 four actions for replacement of the out-of-date filters on more effective bag filters impulse regeneration are executed). Replacement of filters allowed to reach the standard and to reduce emissions on 4, 7 tons per year. For performance of this action more than 1 million hr. of own means is mastered.

In 2012 it is necessary for Combine to finish performance of four more actions now 50% of works it is already complete. Until the end of the year all actions will be executed that will allow on four sources of emissions in the atmosphere to reach the standard and to reduce emissions of chloride hydrogen on 13 tons and a dust on 3,5 tons.
The Combine carries out actions for improvement of quality, of industrial drains dumped to Dnieper and in this direction the Combine already reached visible improvements. If in 2010 dumping of polluting substances made 2776 tons, last year it decreased to 2574 tons.

To the address with a waste too it is paid much attention. ZTMC has own dump economy on which carries out burial of industrial wastes of the third and fourth classes of danger. At Combine understand that the less ZTMC will bury a waste the will pollute soil less. Therefore a lot of work is carried out on their realization. Such waste as cake furnaces of a evaporation of a pulp, an oxide-salt mix, a mix of salts of alkaline metals, the remains of graphitize bars is realized to consumers as passing received production on the basis of developed by technologists of Combine of specifications coordinated with city sanitary epidemiological station.

The Combine completely executed the exit Program from ecological crisis of the city of Zaporozhye for 2001-2010. Four actions which considerably have improved as an ecological situation at Combine and in the city are in full executed.
City Measures Alexander Sin with Deputies of the Working Ecological Commissions and representatives of the supervising organizations having visited Combine with working visit made sure that all planned nature protection action are carried out here in full. By results of visit the Working Commission noted a favorable ecological situation, estimated a conscientious attitude of a management and experts of ZTMC to environmental protection
Since the beginning of year at Combine some checks of observance of the nature protection legislation by Dnieper Ecological Prosecutor’s Office by the State Ecological Inspection in the Zaporozhye area are carried out. An entrance of checks nature protection objects the capital processing equipment including a salt hlorator were surveyed. During checks it was not revealed uniform violation.