At Combine Courses “School of Training of Heads of an Average Link” Came to the End

At Combine courses of a designated purpose “School of training of Heads of an average link” for masters of production sites and a reserve to these positions came to the end. This training was organized by a human resources department and training together with Institute of development of the personnel within the Program of social development of Combine.

Though these courses lasted slightly less than a week, on them many subjects were considered. Thanks to capable lecturers children representatives of Shops №2, №7, №11, №12 and №14 understood how it is correct to organize production in Shop and on a site to provide quality of production. The great attention was given to various standard documentation as mostly with it heads should work. Considered requirements of various legislative and normative documents in particular the Labor code, Laws of Ukraine “About labor protection”, “About protection of surrounding environment”, were trained in economy bases. One of the most interesting subjects was the management psychology on which listeners learned about the code of behavior of heads, about formation of collective values and cultures of behavior, learned receptions of overcoming of a psychological stress and also that it is necessary to undertake to settle the conflict in labor collective.

Impressions of courses at children: Masters, Founders, Operator of Electrolytic Sell, Pot Operator and representatives of other professions is remained only positive. They gathered for themselves a lot of new, with interest listened to information. Let the knowledge received on occupations. Will help them with the future.