ZTMC Took Third Place in the Fours Sports Contest of the Enterprises of Titanic Branch of Ukraine

With full support of administration and Combine trade union committee wokers of ZTMC took part in a sports contest of the of the enterprises of Titanic Branch of Ukraine organized by PJC of SHC “The Titan of Ukraine”, devoted 21 anniversary of Independence of our state. Following the result of competitions the SE “ZTMC” team which has taken for the first time part in this sports contest, in the general offset took the third place.

Traditionally sports contest which this year took place from August 18 to August 19 in Irshansk on the basis of Irshansky MCC is conducted among technical officers. A main objective of carrying out a sports contest is activation of sports and improving and sports and mass work at the enterprises, promoting and healthy lifestyle promotion. Along with SE “ZTMC” five more enterprises took part in competitions, among which “The Crimean Titan” Volnogorsky Mountain Iron and Steel Combine,Public Jiont –Stick Company “Sumykhimprom”, PJSC “Crimean Soda Plant”, and also owners of competitions is Irshansky MCC. In total more than hundred technical officers of the Titanic enterprises took part in a sports contest. The program of competitions included eight sports: cross, swimming, volleyball, arm-wrestling, pulling of a rope, sports with weights, darts and Russian billiards. Following the results of competitions the SE “ZTMC” team gathered in the general offset of 37 points and took the third place. The first place won PJSC “Sumykhimprom” with 59 points, and the second place is Private Joint-Stick Company “The Crimean Titan” (42 points).

Sports grass-roots movement development at the Combine, having for an object to unite collective, to make it more solid is one of the main reference points of activity of our enterprise – the head of “ZTMC” Vladimir Sivak emphasized. We aspire to that our workers were healthy, active and purposeful people as these qualities are pledge of successfully activity of all staff of Combine. In eight month of this year on development of sport activity on “ZTMC” it is directed 110 thousand hrn. and in our further work we will always support and actively to develop this important direction.