Group DF Will Open Out On “ZTMC” a New Titanic Production and Will Strengthen Positions of Ukraine on World Markets

The group of companies of Group DF will build two new productions on the “Zaporozhye Titanium – Magnesium Combine” (LTD “ZTMC”) – on producing of titanic slag and on producing of titanic sponge. It will allow strengthening positions of Ukraine in the world titanic market. About it Chairman of Advice Group DF reported Dmitry Firtash during the press-conference conducted on an enterprise.

Our investment program supposes building of two new productions: titanic slag by power 150 thousand t/ies and titanic sponge by power 40 thousand t/ies (20 thousand tons – a 1th turn, 20 thousand tons, is a 2th turn). Thus, we will fix positions of Ukraine on world titanic markets”.- said Dmitry Firtash.

According to a businessman on the First implementation of the investment program concerted with “FSP” phase, investment in “ZTMC” will make 110 million dollars of the USA from that 63,5 million will be directly sent to building of new power on the production of titanic slag. In addition, within the framework of the first implementation of the investment program phase it will be also worked out “TEG” of creation of powers on the production of high-quality titanic sponge.

In 2012 “ZTMC” produced the only 44,6 thousand and 10,3 thousand the tons of titanic sponge, tons of titanic slag (including commodity is 20,2 thousand tons). On the prognoses of Group DF, introduction to the line-up of new powers on the production of titanic slag will allow to increase the stake of Ukraine in his world production from present 0, 66% to 4 %.

On completion of building of the second turn of new production of titanic sponge total power of enterprise will increase to 40 thousand t/ies. It potentially will allow to Ukraine to increase the stake in the world production of titanic sponge from present 5 to 14%. Thus Ukraine can enter three of world leaders at this hi-tech market.
We believe that after titan the future of world industry therefore and we inlay resources. I am sure that due to “ZTMC” Ukraine will be able to become a strong player at the market of titan on a world scale.” – Dmitry Firtash declared. – “For example, China began to develop the titanic program only 10 back, but todays controls near one third of world market of titanic sponge. If a private investor came on “ZTMC” before today Ukraine too would be in the number of world leaders”.

During a press-conference Dmitry Firtash underlined that investments on “ZTMC” are part of the program of development of titanic industry the general volume of that is estimated in2,5 milliards of dollars.

Within the framework of the titanic program we also intend to invest considerable resources in booty and in titanic chemistry. We already develop a plan on building of new production of titanium on “Crimean Titan”. For us the investment programs are worked out on other enterprises. Complex work will be conducted on all titanic assets. Through creation of the powerful apeak-integrated titanic holding we intend to transform the landscape of Ukrainian titanic industry. We have ambitions, strategy, resources, people and knowledge and will to build the competitive holding. Only in the single holding titanic industry of country can be competitive on a world arena,”- Dmitry Firtash underlined.


In December 2012 the group of companies of Group DF through a company “Tolexis Trading Limited” won in a competition on the selection of non-state participants of LTD. “The Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Combine” (“ZTMC”) that was conducted by state property fund of Ukraine. LTD “ZTMC” is created in accordance with the decision of Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine №955 from Octobers, 3, 2012 for bringing in of investments in an enterprise.

The integral property complex of the state enterprise of “ZTMC” is brought in the charter capital of LTD “ZTMC”. A 51 % stake in the charter capital of society will remain in property of the state, and a 49 % stake will be purchased by the group of companies of Group DF through a company “Tolexis Trading Limited”.

Group DF is the diversified international group of companies, carrying out the activity in a number of countries of Europe and Asia. Basic directions of activity of group are nitric, titanic, gas and bank businesses. Other spheres of activity of group include an agribusiness presently; medias are business, production of the calcinated soda, development of power infrastructure and real estate.