In «ZTMC» Ltd. a Collective Agreement Is Accepted On 2015

At conference of labour collective of «ZTMC» Ltd.summed up implementation of collective agreement for 2014 and accepted a collective agreement on 2015. In obedience to the act of commission about implementation of collective agreement between a labour collective and administration of «ZTMC» Ltd. for 2014, mainly, all 229 points, brought in in a collective agreement, were executed.

The director of combine Vladimir Sivak marked that at support of strategic investor Group DF management efforts were directed above all things on the decision of questions, related to technical development of сombine, modernization of production. The special attention was spared the questions of implementation of the planned major repairs with the purpose of providing of stable work on combine.

Director «ZTMC» Ltd. was in detail stopped for the questions of social development. Vladimir Sivak underlined necessary to fasten the attained result is stability in providing of production processes and social development. This result depends on many factors. Strategy of development of «ZTMC, implementation of the investment programs is required high discipline and due level of qualification of personnel. Great expectations in the decision of these tasks are laid on close and productive co-operation of administration and trade-union committee of combine. A collective agreement saves all social privileges and to the guarantee for the workers of combine, stimulates employees to the healthy way of life, provides stability of further development of enterprise.

In a collective agreement on 2015 the estimated expenses are megascopic on social privileges to the workers of combine as compared to 2014 on 3 millions 514 thousands of Uah. On 2015 charges on in a civilized manner sporting work are megascopic and make 528 thousands of Uah. Except for it, charges are megascopic to work of Advice of young people of combine from 99 thousands to 132.

«ZTMC» Ltd. became the first among the metallurgical enterprises of the Zaporozhye area, which concluded a collective treaty on a present year. It testifying harmony of work of administration and trade-union committee, presences of single opinion to the future of combine.

The participants of conference of labour collective accepted a decision in which work of administration and trade-union committee of combine on implementation of norms of collective agreement was acknowledged satisfactory. Act of commission — ratified. A decision about signing of collective agreement of «ZTMС» Ltd.on 2015 is accepted unanimously.