«Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU» Became The Bronze Prize-Winner Of Championship Of Ukraine!

«Chemist» - "ORBITA-ZTMC-ZNU"- 3:1 (25:22), (23:25), (25:18) (25:15).

"ORBITA-ZTMC-ZNU": Dudnikova, Jastrub, Dedkova, Deryugina (l), Klimanova (l), Pugacheva, Sukhorukova, Bytsenko, Skripak (K).

In the final match of the fourth round of the final stage of the championship of Ukraine in volleyball Zaporizhzhya team to win the silver medal, was needed only a win over «Chemist» But in a tense struggle our volleyball team still lost multiple champion of Ukraine – 3:1!

The first party was held in equal fight, and break both teams left the floor with 11:12 in favor of "ORBITA-ZTMC-ZNU". But the leaders of the Ukrainian Championship has added in the attack and won the set 25:22.

The second batch was similar to the first. She also was an equal fight. At the end of the set, our athletes showed their character and snatched an important victory — 23:25.

In the third and fourth sets, "ORBITA-ZTMC-ZNU" failed to equalize the game and make the intrigue, the result of the victory of "the Chemist" – 25:18 and 25:15 and 3:1 in the match.

In another match of this tour "Severodonesk" won an easy victory over the "Galichenko-TNEU" — 3:0.

In the end, after the final stage, the teams were ranked in the following way: "Chemist" in first place with 36 points, "Severodonesk" is the second in her 17 points, our "ORBITA-ZTMC-ZNU" with 15 points and is in third place, "Galichanka-TNEU" scored 10 points and became the fourth.