"ZTMC" Ltd. Purchased Body Armours To The Ukrainian Special Troops

The director of LTD. "ZTMC" Vladimir Sivak passed to 20 body armours the representatives of the special troops - second in the command of part to the major to Vladimir Conseba and chief of medical service of subdivision to the major to Aleksej Romashov.

Guidance of military part of An of 1594 73-th center of marine sprcial forces (c.Ochakov, Mykolaiv region), in the tasks of that realization of reconnaissance and antidiversionary events is included in the zone of АТA, appealed to LTD. "ZTMC" with a request to give help in acquisition 20 body armours for the fighters of subdivision. Personnel of subdivision, that consists of battle swimmers, differs in high preparation, able to execute urgent tasks both on water objects, and on land.

The body armours of fourth class of defence for the Ukrainian men of special troops we bought in at the instance of commander of men of special troops - captain of the second grade Aleksej Zinchenko, - the director of LTD. "ZTMC" Vladimir Sivak talks. - we Believe that they reliably will secure our guys for a battle-field.

Much to our regret, on a combine a sad new came about tragic death of valorous commander of the marine special troops Aleksej Zinchenko. He perished in a fight under Donetsk of August, 17. Among his inferiors also there are losses.

- The employees of Combine grieve and bring the condolences to native and near the guys lost for Ukraine, - the director of combine marked . And he wished the representatives of the marine special troops : - May God salve you. Return living. And we in future will render support our army.