"Оrbita-ZTMC-ZNU" Gained The Lead On An International Tournament In Poland

Bronze prizewinner of last year's Championship of Ukraine of "Оrbita-ZTMC-ZNU" within the framework of preparation to participating in Eurocup took part in the tournament of "Fakro - Nike Masters Cup, passing in Poland, and conquered the first place.

So our command in the first match beat Polish "Nike" with an account - 2: 0. In the second playing day our girls conducted two matches. In the first they met with the Polish command "Nafta", that ward Igor Philishtinskij was also beaten, - 3: 0. Whereupon they conducted meeting with Krasnodar "Dynamo", that was made a draw, - 1: 1.

On scores a tournament exactly "Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU" gained the lead on the international tournament of "Fakro - Nike Masters Cup". The second Ukrainian command is a champion of country is "Chemist" from a city South took the final third place.