The Work Of The Trade Union Of The Combine Considered Satisfactory

XXIV election of trade Union conference of the combine, which was attended by Director of "ZTMC" Ltd. Vladimir Sivak, Chairman of the trade Union Lyudmila Logvinova, first Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of trade Union of Metallurgists and Miners of Ukraine Serhiy Kamyshev and Chairman of Zaporozhye regional Committee of trade Union of Metallurgists and Miners of Ukraine Valeriy Sedov, gathered in the Assembly hall of the House of public organizations over two hundred delegates from labor collectives of shops and departments of our company.

After hearing and discussing the report of the Chairman of the trade Union "ZTMC" Ltd. Lyudmila Logvinova on the work of the trade Union of the combine during the period from December 2009 to October 2014, the conference participants noted that the main result of the work of the team during this time was a positive dynamics of development of production and stabilization of the socio-economic situation in the combine. So, the administration was able to provide the company a niche in the world market of titanium semi-finished products and, as a result, to save workplaces in full.

Through active and consistent work of the trade Union Committee of the combine are performed all obligations of the parties under the collective agreement, decreased the number of gross violations of labor discipline, and decreased employee turnover at the company. The trade Union Committee with the support of the administration of the company pays special attention to improving the professional skills of young people and involving them in the trade Union and youth movement.

At the same time, a speaker marked and row of directions on that yet coming to lead the thoughtful piece of work. Speech, first of all, about the prophylaxis of violations of labour discipline, and also about stimulation of rates of increase of salary and bringing her over in accordance with a wage level on other branch enterprises.

First Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of TUMM Sergey Kamyshev on behalf of Central trade Union Committee recommended that the professional active our combine to re-elect to the position of Chairman of the trade Union "ZTMC" Ltd. Lyudmila Logvinova. This was done by voting delegates.

Also open voting was approved the new composition of the trade Union of the works. It was nice to see him again selected presentamos. Thus, in addition to Lyudmila Logvinova, members, employees, shop No. 2 - a founder of Vitaly Beskaragai and master Vadim Bogush, workers shop No. 7 - welder Sergei Solovyov and the dispenser works Irina Amelchenko, foreman of the shop No. 9 Nicholas Ulco, electrician shop No. 10 Larissa Legatine, environmental engineer work shop No. 11 Maria Ushakova, staff shop No. 12 - senior master Gennady kochev and locksmith Fedor Khmara, locksmiths instrumentation and automation shop No. 14 Anna Celestina and Mazin Subkhankulova, record-Keeper shop No. 15 Valentine Zhulynskyi assistant shop No. 17 Nina Babin, staff shop No. 19 Manager Galina Boychenko and storekeeper Svetlana Bondarenko, fitter shop No. 23 Victor deshko, the employees of the Department of plant: head of the Department of labor Alexander Haptenes, head of the Department of personnel and training Igor Privezentsev and organizer of cultural and leisure activities Veronika Derevyanko, economist at the Centre for computing and software Alexander Zinenko, project Manager, leader of projects of department of organization of labour and salary Roman Golovin the storekeeper shop No. 33 Oksana Nosova, chief economist security works Ludmila Fadeeva, inspectors of the Department of Technical Control Oksana and Antonina Andreeva Kovalenko, doctors sanatorium - head nurse Valentina Romanchenko and chief medical Valentina Krachok, Chairman of the Board of veterans Eleanor Muraviev, Chairman of the club Sergey Storozhenko. Delegates supported the nomination of Vadim Bogush, Gennady Kocheva, Roman Golovin and Ludmila Logvinova to the members of the regional Committee of the trade Union. Lyudmila Vladimirovna, was also recommended by the conference as a member of the Central Committee of TUMM. As part of the auditing Committee of the regional organization of TUMM according to the voting results of the newly introduced chief accountant of the trade Union Irina Tereshkova.

The conference elected the Chairman and members of the auditing Commission, as well as delegates at the XV report-election conference of Zaporozhye regional Committee TUMM.

According to the results of XXIV report-election conference of the trade Union of our combine adopted a resolution in which the work of the trade Union of the works during the reporting period were considered satisfactory. Report on the work of the auditing Commission – approved.