Friendly and fun – on a start!

In the Palace of sports "Zaporozhaluminstroy" went corporate sports festival "Dad, mom, I - sports family", organized by the sports club with the support of the administration and trade Union "ZTMC"Ltd.

Participation in this event has already become a good tradition. This is the third competition of its kind conducted among employees of the combine. In fact, the active recreation can be a good incentive for efficient work. Moreover, workout is useful and fun to do exercise twice useful. The workers gathered together to re-energize, to show off his erudition and cheer for the eight families who took part in the competitions.

And what a winter holiday without Santa Claus and snow Maiden! These fairy tales have become the leading current "fun starts". In the role of the snow Maiden colleagues was a senior power engineer Department of chief power engineer Nadejda Fedorova. The main judge of the competition was the Chairman of the sports club of combine Sergey Storozhenko, and the athlete-instructor Andrew Lubin showed the contestants examples of passing distances in competitions.

After the welcoming words from the organizers of the festival began a merry dance workout, which is connected not only participants, but also the audience. Then came the interesting events, which did not leave indifferent anybody here. They passed on the principle of the relays, and gave a lot of joy to both children and adults. And to ensure that participants had time to rest between contests, Santa Claus and snow maiden in between competitions conducted a win-win lottery among the spectators. Because the holiday was held on the eve of the New year, fans were prepared interesting and useful gifts. Many of them are lucky and these lucky winners received prizes. Also, viewers have solved a number of Christmas mysteries, prepared fabulous guests and participants organized a dance. All of it was interesting, fun and family warmth.

At the end of the sports festival jury members said thank you to the teams - competition leaders and other members of the family worker shop No. 2 Oleg Kutuzov, families, workers, shop No. 7 - senior master Dmitri Poddubny and rastersize Oksana Kursk, the family of the chief shop No. 9 Alexander Goydenko, the family of the engineer, shop No. 2, Vitaly Devichenko and storekeeper Center computing and software Irina Devichenko. Did not disappoint the fans, but not all the shops came to support the workers, but there were always exceptions, so the team workshop No. 19 not only came as a team, but also prepared posters to support the morale of his party. The organizers expressed the hope that this event helped everyone get to know each other, to unite, to take another step towards mutual understanding and unity, and therefore a good tradition of the works will be continued.