The successful start of young leaders

On a combine was brought by the results of the second and third stages of competition «The Best young leader». To be a leader unsimply, it is necessary every day to accept the self-weighted and responsible decisions, possess luggage of knowledges, able to arrive at the put aims. And had time to feel and estimate it on own experience participants of competition the «Best young leader, passing on a combine in November-December of cy. We will remind that to it participants passed internal preselection in the subdivisions. The competitive commission of every workshop determined, as far as well a participant and his inferiors carry out the professional duties, execute production indexes, observe labour and organizational-administrative discipline, as in the collective of leader — a participant are businesses with a labour protection. In the criteria of estimation participating of young leader was also included in public life of «ZTMC», and also in teaching and development. In all 42 workers of workshops took part in a competition shop 2, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 19, and also leaders of management of sale, main book-keeping, department of planning and budgeting, technical management, tender department.

36 persons passed in the second stage of competition. Among participants are chiefs of areas, departments, bureau, senior masters, masters, and also those boys which substitute for leaders and are in reserve on position of master.

The members of organizational committee checked up filled in the forms of tests from more than 150 questions of different subject: history of combine, technology, economy, quality, personnel, labour protection. That, who gave right answers on 60% set questions and more, passed in a next round. So, in a finale 13 persons went out from 36-ti applicants. Among three of the best participants of competition on the second stage is a chief of bureau of technical department of technical management Sergey Adzheev, a chief of bureau of management of sale is George Rusanov and master of Shop 2 Vadim Bogush.

And in the finishing, third round of fight, a competitive commission estimated potential of young leaders. Finalisty answered questions already psychological tests, executed the row of practical tasks. On results all three rounds in the group of participants with experience to three years the best was become chief of bureau of management of sale George Rusanov (1 place), leading engineer of workshop ¹14 George Gordinskiy (2 place), and also chief of bureau of department of planning and byudzhetirovaniya, Ekaterina Golemba (3 place). Among leaders with experience over three years excellent results were rotined by the chief of bureau of technical management Sergey Adzheev (1 place), chief of department of main book-keeping Vitaly Rachun (2 place) and senior master of workshop 14 Anton Korol (3 place). We congratulate winners, prizewinners and thank all young leaders for participating in a competition. We wish successes and permanent development. Not decide on attained!