"Titanium sponge hydride"

Titanium sponge hydride is used to produce goods by method of powder metallurgy, implemented in different fields of science and techniques: chemical and watch industry, aerospace, machine building.

The high productive technology of titanium sponge hydride receipt in the direct heating apparatus is developed. This technology allows to manage efficiently the processes of titanium sponge hydrogen saturation, to minimize the oxygen, nitrogen, carbon contents in the titanium sponge hydride.

The titanium sponge hydride chemical composition
The mass fraction of restricted admixtures, %
hydrogen ferrum chlorine nitrogen carbon silicon nickel oxygen
3,44 0,076 0,070 0,019 0,013 0,012 0,035 0,14
2,98 0,038 0,046 0,016 0,012 0,009 0,028 0,11

The titanium sponge hydride mechanical properties
In the initial powder,mass % Linear shrinkage by sintering, % Density after the sintering, % S0,2, MPa SВ, MPa d, % y, % In the alloy,%
О: 0,1313 N: 3,4 9,1 4,37…4,38 880…895 946…977 5,7…6,6 19,7…20,7
О: 0,1329
N: 0,018

Note: the mechanical characteristics are distinguished in The Metallophysics Insitute by G.V. Kurdyumov of the Ukrainian National Science Academy during the research of VT6 alloys, received after pressing and sintering on the basis of titanium sponge hydride powder.