"Germanium dioxide"

Germanium dioxide is widely adopted in processes of synthesis of luminophor, medicinal substances, as catalysts for special plastics and artificial fibres production, as well as for manufacture of materials for semiconductor and optical devices operating in infrared spectral region. Besides, germanium dioxide is utilized for fabrication of crystals of bismuth germanate used in piezoengineering, ultrasonics, and quantum electronics.

If mutually agreed by the parties, germanium dioxide may be delivered with chlorine and moisture contents of not more than 0.05 and 0.1 mass %, respectively, and loss on ignition of 0.5…0.7 mass %.

Chemical Composition of Germanium Dioxide
Impurity Mass fraction, %, not more
Magnesium, iron, aluminium 7·10-6
Gallium, Copper 5·10-7
Silicon 7·10-5
Cobalt 3·10-6
Arsenic 5·10-6
Chromium 2·10-6
Chlorine 0,1
Moisture 0,5
Loss on ignition (820?С) of GeO2 dried at 105º 3,4