"Germanium Products – Optics"

We developed a technology for manufacturing germanium products applicable in a wide range of optical devices that operate in infrared spectral region, such as filters, lenses, windows, mirrors, etc. Germanium products have a mono- and polycrystalline structure and are manufactured in form of plates (rectangular and oval), polyhedrons, disks, and cylinders.

Geometrical sizes and electrophysical parameters of germanium products in form of cylinders, polyhedrons (hexahedrons and octahedrons), rectangular and oval plates are determined by agreement with the Customer.

Disk-Formed Germanium Products
Diameter, mm 10…300
Nominal diameter (10…70 mm) deviation, mm ±0,075
Nominal diameter (70…300 mm) deviation, mm ±1,5
Length, mm

- diameter 10…70 mm
- diameter 70…300 mm

Electroconductivity type N
Specific resistance 5…40
Crystal-lattice orientation (111), (100)


Spectral Attenuation Index m(l). cm-1, not more
Wavelength l, ?m In the monocrystalline part of the disk In the polycrystalline part of the disk

2,0…7,0 0,011 0,028
8,0 0,014 0,028
10,6 0,02 0,031
11,9 0,12 0,15
12,5 0,10 0,12
15,0 0,26 0,35