Components Mass fractions, in % for grades:
Titanium Tetrachloride, not less 99,9 99,9
Vanadium, not more 0,0002 0,0006
Oxygen as titanium oxychloride, not more 0,0001 0,0005
Silicon, not more 0,0002 0,0010
Sum of phosgene and chloracetylchlorines, not more 0,0002 0,0003
Carbon bisulphide, not more 0,00004 0,00006


1. When tanks and containers are filled and pure titanium tetrachloride is transported, oxygen content in titanium oxychloride is not determined.

2. Carbon mass fraction of not more than 0.003% in ОТТ-0 grade and of not more than 0.001% in ОТТ-1 grade is guarantied by the Producer. Inspection is carried out once per 24 hour.

3. Sulphur mass fraction is determined as agreed with the Customer and is not a reject criterion.

4. On Customer’s demand we produce pure titanium tetrachloride of premium quality with lowered content of impurities at negotiated price.

Titanium tetrachloride is delivered in the tank containers and galvanized drums with the net weight of 250 kg.

To meet Customer’s demands product parameters may be varied.

Pure titanium tetrachloride is utilized in titanium sponge production, pigment titanium dioxide production, and chemical industry.