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Zaporozhye Titanium & Magnesium Combine manufactures and offers for sale high quality titanium products.

Titanium is the most perfect material that modern industry has at its disposal. It successfully combines high corrosion resistance with lightweight and great mechanical strength, which makes it an indispensable metal of the XXI century, the century of ultrahigh temperatures, extreme speeds, and advanced technologies.

The quality of ZTMC products is guarantied by a certified quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001. The Combine keeps abreast with the times and improves manufacturing efficiency, modernizes and technically reequips the production, develops the manufacturing method, efficiently enhances the quality of the products.

We invite partners to a mutually beneficial cooperation in order to create modern productions of materials, such as titanium and germanium, which determine advancement in the industry and in the production of consumer equipment of the 3rd millennium.

For a successful implementation of investment projects the Combine has working areas and energy infrastructure available.